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This is something of a testing ground for the next stage of the Pandë!verse. The inspiration is complex, and includes the peculiar confluence in my mind of American Prometheus (the J. Robert Oppenheimer biography) and Tolkien's legendarium.

Among Tolkien's premises was that "the line of Lúthien will not fail" or something to that effect, which is highlighted through Arwen and Aragorn's union. I liked that a lot when I read it as an adolescent, and still do. However, some years later, Tolkien's attitudes became more clear to me as a mature reader: he recoiled from technological progress and looked back to a lost Golden Age of Man. Now I can't disagree that technology has two sides, but they are almost impossible to separate. Anyway, it seems to me that Tolkien saw the Diabolus in technology and that those who probed too deeply into knowledge risked a great fall. If JRRT saw the devil in contemporary technology, it got there somehow and not through the "line of Lúthien." Applying the same conceit Tolkien did -- that "Middle-earth" and its histories are connected to our own, I began developing the alternate history of Middle-earth in the Pandë!verse, starting with Trinity.

One of the fundamental premises put forth in this nascent tome has been done before (multiple times) and doubtless will not be the last.  However, I would like to think my approach is at least a) imaginative; b) original insofar as something as derivative as "fan fiction" can be;  c) canon-informed even if irreverently canon-defiant and d) thought-provoking and reasonably entertaining with a dab of intelligence tossed into the fray.  Believable?  That's up to me to convince the reader.   Some will immediately scoff and/or run away screaming from the very idea.   Others may consider it challenging but will give it a shot.  Still others will recognize the underlying themes: brilliant and creative people often carry the duality of the angelic and the diabolical and all shades in between within them.

I'll shut up for now. Oh, except to add the disclaimer that all my fics are subject to edits from minor tweaks to rampant revisions.
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